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a neighborhood oasis of connection, conversation,
craft, joy and exceptional coffee



we use counterculture coffee and local milk from sweet rowan farms


We take great care in the balance of our espresso shots, making sure that they are full of flavor and showcase the unique terroir of each of the beans/roasts we use. All espressos are double shots or 2 oz.

The Mason

We started using small mason jars when we were practicing our espresso making skills and then realized they were the perfect size for a cortado or as the French would call a noisette – 2 oz of espresso and 1 oz of milk.


Our cappuccino’s have less foam than you may be used to. We take 2 oz of espresso and mix it with 4 ounces of steamed milk.


Our lattes come in one size. Yummy. 2 oz of esprepsso, 6 oz of milk. Trust us.

The Devon

The Devon is a latte sweetened with local maple syrup.


Elevating the simple cup of coffee – A 2 oz espresso mixed with 5 oz of hot water. Less bitter than a drip coffee but with more umph than a pour over.

Pour Over

We love our Kalita and love to show off the complexity of the flavors (terroir) of Coffees. a pour over gives us good control over the coffee extraction and yields a balanced flavorful cup of coffee.

Siphon Pot

Can you have a serious coffee geek be without a siphon? No! We agree – come try any one of the great coffees we have on hand.

Logan’s Hot Chocolate

What many a child has called the best hot chocolate on the planet. We make the super secret recipe in house.


PK Coffee serves a rotating variety of teas from all over the world. Swing by to taste what we’ve got!

about pk coffee

PK Coffee was named in honor of our founder’s great “Uncle Piet”, Pierre Ketellapper. Piet, or “Pietje” as he was affectionately known, was a successful serial entrepreneur. He owned many businesses during his lifetime, but the one he was most passionate about was the coffee importing business he owned in Antwerp, Belgium before and after WW II.


Katrina knew her great uncle well, and also fell under the spell of coffee early on in her life – but it wasn’t until she moved back to Vermont from San Francisco that she admitted how much she really loved it. It was while she was taking an espresso class that she learned her friend Matt was also looking to start a coffee business. He had given up his his job as a teacher to focus all his energy on making a living from his main passion. Matt and Katrina met up and within a matter of minutes realized they had very similar visions, joined forces and the rest is history.

Matt and Katrina are both avid students and can’t imagine a better gig than showcasing a product that is so often mishandled and misunderstood. Our goal is for every customer to leave PK Coffee surprised that coffee can taste as good as it smells. Maybe even a wee bit better!

Our Team


Katrina has been a passionate coffee connoisseur since she was 3 years old – always seeking out the best hand-crafted coffee. Just ask her friends and family – she’s always dragging them out of their way to check out this barista, or that shop.

Her poor mom doesn’t even drink coffee! Prior to founding PK Coffee, Katrina was an advisor to several start up companies and was a sales executive in the alternative energy space. Her favorite job was at Sunlight Electric, a solar electric integrator in Northern California where most of her customers were wineries. The more she learns about coffee, the more she realizes how similar wine and coffee are and how invaluable that Napa experience was. When not geeking out on coffee, Katrina serves on the Advisory Board for High Fives, a not-for-profit focused on empowering athletes who have suffered a life altering injury www.highfivesfoundation.org. Katrina holds an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College and a BA in English and Economics from the University of Pennsylvania where she was also captain of the crew team. She is a founding member of The Vermont Town Hall, a conversational style speaker series designed to bring world-class speakers and intellectual debate to Central Vermont. Her favorite drink is a noisette.

Matt Carrell

Matt is a recovering teacher and committed coffee nerd. Matt spent the last 7 years working as program manager in the Champlain Valley Union High School where he worked with challenged students: motivating them to complete their schoolwork often on empty stomachs or dealing with sever emotional distress.

With a professors eye, he has studied the service industry. In order to supplement his income he worked in various service positions at restaurants in Vermont. While he loved his work as a teacher, he couldn’t dismiss the pull coffee has for him. A dedicated coffee and juice lover, he has been perfecting his espresso, Aeropress, pour over, milk steaming and Chemex skills for years – ramping up his studies in preparation for our opening. Matt is also a talented chef and soon to be baker. In fact, his mom owned a bakery in Stowe many years ago. When not making coffee, Matt can be found cross country skiing, practicing yoga with his girlfriend Meaghan Minogue or making almond milk in his most prized appliance – the Vitamix! Matt’s favorite drink is kalita but he makes a mean siphon pot too!


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1880 Mountain Road, Stowe VT